In the modern world one of the main trends is to direct the main spectrum of attention inward: caring for your own physical and psychological health, self-development, manifestation, spirituality, finding your uniqueness, self-expression, etc. A person can show a reverent and caring attitude towards himself and his body through therapy, massage courses, visits to a cosmetologist, pleasant shopping, travel, meetings with loved ones. It is also very important not to forget to pay attention to the appearance and health of your skin.

Cosmetology has a huge number of various services and procedures to maintain beauty and health; helps to transform yourself not only externally, but also internally: to feel self-confidence and show your uniqueness. However, it is equally important to find a good specialist with whom you can achieve the ideal result. Amir – Dr. Iconart – tells about his path in the profession of cosmetologist, favorite procedures of his clients, uniqueness as a specialist in our interview.

1. Amir, tell us, please, about your path in cosmetology. Why did you choose this particular field of activity?

Even as a child, while studying at art school, my favorite subject was sculpture. I always wanted to create ideal facial features and proportions, and this was the first step towards awarenes in choosing my future profession.

Overall, choosing cosmetology as a field of activity may be due to a love of beauty, a desire to help people feel better about themselves, and a desire to grow in a dynamic industry.

Cosmetology also allows people to help others feel more confident, that often has a positive effect on their self-esteem.

2. Was it difficult for you to join the Dubai beauty market? What difficulties have you encountered?

In fact, I didn’t have any difficulties integrating Dubai into the beauty market, since I know what makes me unique as a specialist and what helps me stand out among competitors in the field of cosmetology.

3. Which of the services you provide are the most popular?

At the moment, one of the most popular services is face contouring (jawline, cheekbones and face lifting with Botox). Vitamin injections to improve facial skin quality are also equally popular.

4. What makes you unique as a specialist?

My uniqueness lies in working with men that allows me to express my individuality. I use the newest and safest techniques in injection cosmetology, which give natural and beautiful results.

5. What trends and tendencies in the development of the beauty industry in Dubai can you highlight?

The areas of cosmetology, like Dubai itself, do not stand still. We constantly monitor their rapid development and try to keep abreast of all new trends and tendencies.

People now want to look more beautiful and younger, so cosmetologists are constantly expanding their knowledge and skills to offer clients the most effective and modern care techniques.

6. Do you consider self-development important? What does it give?

Yes, I think self-development is very important. It allows us to develop, improve our knowledge and skills, expand our horizons and remain active members of society.

  In general, self-development is a process that allows us to become better, more aware and successful in various areas of our lives. It gives us the opportunity to grow as individuals and achieve the results we want.

We thank Dr. Iconart for participating in our interview and wish him development and prosperity in his career.