Christmas is just under a week away, but Kim Kardashian has already started unwrapping holiday gifts. One of them turned out to be particularly extravagant. In the gift box Kim found… her brain, cast from pure silver. The life-size sculpture, which captures all the anatomical details of the star’s meanderings, left Kardashian absolutely delighted. She shared a clip on social media showing a close-up of the jewellers’ creation, and added emotion in the caption:

“This is so cool! They made me a sculpture of my brain. This is my real brain,” Kim wrote.

The giver of such an unusual present was not a mysterious admirer of Kardashian’s outstanding abilities (she, remember, studied to be a lawyer), but a research centre, where Kim underwent a full body scan this summer. The procedure, which can detect a variety of diseases – from aneurysms to cancer – cost her $2,499. And the reality star couldn’t resist recommending her social media followers to do the same.