Kylie Minogue, 55, was a guest on CBS News’ new Sunday edition, where she spoke candidly about her tough battle with cancer. The singer overcame breast cancer in the early noughties, but the disease has left mental wounds – so, even after almost twenty years, the Australian star still feels the impact of the trauma caused by the tragic events of that time. According to the artiste, she still harbours fears about her own health.

“It’s a trauma. And any trauma lives inside you,” Minogue admitted in a shaky voice. – The experience of being diagnosed will be with me until the end. It was difficult. But at the same time, it was amazing. Amazing in the sense that you’re very aware of your body, the love that your loved ones surround you with, your capabilities, that kind of thing.”

Kylie Minogue has always been candid about the difficulties on her road to recovery and, moreover, has helped other women in similar circumstances. So, in 2018, she used her influence and encouraged her fans to donate to the British charity Breast Cancer Care.

The singer learnt the dreaded diagnosis in 2005 while working out on her “Showgirl: Greatest Hits” world tour. Having undergone a partial mastectomy, as well as courses of radiation and chemotherapy, Kylie was completely cured the following year. Both early diagnosis and timely treatment contributed to the favourable development of events. Later, in 2014, in an interview with Karl Stefanovic, Minogue admitted that it was her encounter with oncology that taught her to put herself first.

“Someone said to me at the time, ‘Now you need to get a little selfish.’ It’s not in your nature to be selfish, but now is the time to do it. Let people take care of you.” And yes, that’s exactly what I did,” she recalled at the time.