The famous 57-year-old supermodel Cindy Crawford has hit the screens as a cameo. In the sixth season of The Crown, young Prince William’s room has posters of models on the wall. In the same scene, Prince Philip asks William about the models on the poster, to which he replies:

“They are Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell.”

After the series was released, Crawford was quick to comment on her involvement with the royal family.

“I still vividly remember visiting Kensington Palace to meet Diana and young William.”

For the model, the invitation to the meeting came as a complete surprise.

“I was nervous and didn’t know what to wear, but I remember as soon as Diana entered the room, we immediately struck up a conversation and talked like friends. She showed us all what a modern princess should be. Rest in Peace.”

When Cindy met Diana, the princess’ eldest son was just 16 years old.

Speaking to close friend and model Naomi Campbell in 2020, Crawford revealed that she was very nervous at that meeting.

“I was so terrified of being at Kensington Palace. I was so down-to-earth, I was afraid I was going to break some royal rules that I don’t know, not being from England,” she explained.