Actress and director Greta Gerwig, 40, has wed colleague Noah Baumbach, 54, in New York City. Insiders confirm that they were seen backstage at a Billy Joel concert on the evening of 19 December just after they got married at City Hall.

“They were both glowing and celebrating. They are so happy,” the source said.

Gerwig showed off a stylish white suit of skirt and jacket. Noah opted for a sleek blue shirt and tie and completed the look with a navy blue blazer.

“She looked like a bride,” the informant reported.

The couple started dating in 2011 and got engaged in 2020. Then Greta revealed why she didn’t call Noah the groom: she didn’t want to rush the wedding, as she didn’t know when exactly the lovers were going to hold the celebration. Gerwig and Baumbach are raising two sons in common: 3-year-old Harold and a six-month-old baby whose name the star has not yet disclosed. The couple cleverly concealed the birth of their second child: the addition to the family became known only 4 months after the birth. Noah also has a 13-year-old son Romer from actress Jennifer Jason Leigh.

All these years, the star duo led a quiet family life, so fans were not surprised at how modest the wedding ceremony of the director couple. The lovers exchanged their vows of fidelity in New York City Hall.