Actresses Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dern know how to laugh at themselves. Recently, friends and colleagues together attended a social event, where they came in paired images. Hollywood divas tried on identical sets of snow-white sweatshirts and shimmering silver skirts. The accessories that complemented the outfits were also similar, but in different colours: 47-year-old Reese chose black heeled loafers, and 56-year-old Laura – the same in red.

The first photo shows the actresses posing against a lavishly decorated Christmas tree and looking carefree and cheerful, while the second photo shows them looking tired and exhausted from the party. Fans have come to marvel at the stars’ steamy outing.

Fans have already found out that the silver skirt of Old Navy brand, which caught the eye of Witherspoon and Dern, costs about $30, but it is almost impossible to buy it – the product is completely sold out, there are only non-tradable sizes, which, however, are also not easy to find.