Photomodel and actress Pamela Anderson, 56, exudes confidence and shows off her natural beauty by starring without make-up for a new advert on her social media accounts. The star has been promoting plant-based laundry products. She chose an elegant white ensemble as her outfit for the shoot. Pamela is a long-time eco-activist and animal rights advocate. In the caption to her post, she told fans how she manages to turn an ordinary wash into a self-care ritual.

“The task is accompanied by a cup of strong coffee and sometimes pink sparkling wine. I put music on my record player and just enjoy it, you have to do it, it can be fun,” Anderson shared a lifehack with her subscribers.

The actress shares a positive approach to everyday things, turning them into a “meditative experience.”

“I love doing laundry,” she says casually in the video. – “Well, I don’t see doing laundry as a chore. I look at it as time to myself.”

At the end of the video, Pamela played with her dog while hanging up her laundry.

This year, the sex symbol of the era released her memoir “With Love, Pamela” and starred in the documentary “Pamela, A Love Story.” These projects allowed her to candidly discuss her life and share traumatic events with fans, including a history of sexual assault. Her son Brandon Lee, who produced the film, noted a few months ago that the public perception of his mother has now changed.

“People will come up to her and say things like, ‘I didn’t like you before, I thought you were doing all this for fame and personal gain, but now I like you. You’re a real person,'” he revealed in an interview to People.