Florence Pugh was recently a guest on Nick Grimshaw’s podcast The Dish. And in talking about the festive hustle and bustle, she confessed that there’s one day of the year that she finds particularly frustrating.

“I was born on the 3rd of January. And it’s the worst birthday in the world,” the actress complained.

The actress explained that after Christmas and New Year’s Eve, there is not a single opportunity to gather friends for another party.

“No one has any money. No one wants to eat any food because everyone is full, fat and eating something without carbs. And that’s always boring. But most importantly, no one wants to leave the house,” says Pugh.

That’s why, the actress admits, a few years ago she abandoned all ideas to organise something on her birthday.

“I don’t plan anything. Fortunately, I have a few friends who always come up with something to surprise me.”

This year has been a year of change for Florence Pugh. In July, she radically changed her image – the actress said goodbye to her blonde curls and cut under a boy.

“I deliberately decided to transform myself Hollywood – a very glamorous environment, especially for women. Audiences don’t notice it. I am in favour of not conforming to those standards and not putting glamour make-up on my face,” the actress said.

And in October, Florence changed her personal status as well. After 9 months of romance with photographer Charlie Gooch in their relationship was put the final point.