Zendaya has been almost inactive on social networks since September, but the new year brings new projects, and earlier this week the actress shared a poster of her upcoming film “Challengers”, which will be released on 26 April, and then … suddenly “zeroed” account, unsubscribed from literally everyone, including colleagues, friends and even the alleged fiancĂ© – known for “Spider-Man” Tom Holland. He, however, as noted by observant follower, despite this is still subscribed to his chosen one.

It is not known whether this act is part of the promotional campaign of the tape, or Zendaya prepares fans a special surprise. Reasons film diva, of course, did not disclose, but his fan community stirred up not on a joke.

But persistently circulating in the network rumours of engagement to her lover, the actress had to deny – after she was spotted with a ring on the same finger.

“Do you think I wouldn’t have announced this news publicly?!” – she took umbrage on social media.

Be that as it may, scandalous details about the couple’s relationship are not easy to find. They made their romance public in 2021, instantly grabbing the attention of all the world’s tabloids, although they had known each other since 2016, when they starred together in “Spider-Man”.