The year 2024 for the American actor Willem Defoe began with the opening of the long-awaited star on the Hollywood “Walk of Fame”. The gala event was held the day before, on 8 January, and gathered not only the closest people to the film star, but also a number of colleagues with whom he is friends outside the film set. Defoe’s “support group” included “Mandalorean” star Pedro Pascal, actor and producer Mark Ruffalo, director Guillermo del Toro, and actresses Patricia Arquette and Camila Morrone.

“I want to say it’s wonderful to be part of this community of artists and performers, people who share their experiences, help us see the world through the eyes of others, tell stories and reflect on what is, was and, most importantly, could be,” Defoe said in his acceptance speech, with special recognition for his wife Jada Colagrande, who was also present to receive the star.

It is noteworthy that the career of Willem Defoe has more than 40 years and dozens of bright film works. For the first time on the screen he appeared in a cameo in the film “Gates of Heaven” in 1980. Among the most famous films with Defoe can be distinguished “Nymphomaniac” and “Antichrist” Lars von Trier, “Wild at Heart” by David Lynch, “American Psycho” Mary Herron, the franchise “Spider-Man”, the film anthology “Paris, I Love You”, the super hit of recent years, “John Wick” and others.

Defoe’s last film was Yorgos Lanthimos’ “The Poor Unfortunate”, which won two statuettes at the Golden Globe Awards 2024, including in the category “Best Film – Musical or Comedy”.