59-year-old Hollywood favourite Keanu Reeves is not sitting idle, this time he decided to try his hand at writing. His novel will be called “The Book from Elsewhere” and is scheduled for release this summer. The fantasy plot tells the story of a warrior who has been trying to understand his immortality for thousands of years. The action takes place in the world of the BRZRKR comic book series, which was first published in 2021 with writer Matt Kindt and artist Ron Gurney.

‘China did exactly what I was hoping he would do – he came in with a clear story architecture and the way he wanted to play with the world of BRZRKR, the world I love so much,’ Keanu told The Guardian.

The 51-year-old British author China MiĆ©ville’s style is described as “new weird fiction”. His novels span several genres, from the American western to detective noir. The writer is not afraid to experiment; for example, in his book October, he reimagines the events of the October Socialist Revolution on the scale of world history.

‘Sometimes the best games are the ones played with other people’s toys,’ China said about writing a novel based on comic books.

He also said he was “honoured, shocked and thrilled” to be approached by Keanu to write the novel.

‘But I could never have predicted how generous he would be with the toys he has spent so long creating,’ the writer added.

The novel is due to hit bookstore shelves on 23 July 2024.