Vocals are a performer’s main instrument. And as a professional, 27-year-old Dua Lipa believes that the voice should be preserved at an early age. That’s why the artiste has finally quit smoking. The star first had such thoughts during her 2022 “Future Nostalgia” world tour, when she decided to give up smoking to see how her ligaments would react and how her overall health would change. Dua told American TV presenter Seth Meyers in the studio of his talk show.

“At the time I was still smoking cigarettes…. But I quit. Yes, I quit, guys,” she proudly declared.

It’s unclear when exactly Dua started smoking, but by 2021, the singer had developed laryngitis.

“I got laryngitis in December and it kind of pushed me to quit smoking a month earlier than expected,” she explained.

The artiste also described her feelings after giving up nicotine:

“I’m a bit on edge all the time, but I also feel an adrenaline rush. And sometimes I don’t feel quite confident,” Dua revealed. – “But in the moments when I go on stage, when I dance, I clearly realise that I have to train and stay healthy and feel good. So I only like to do things that make me feel good and that also help me gain confidence.”

However, having completed her “Future Nostalgia” tour in November 2022, the Grammy winner was still spotted with a cigarette in the summer of 2023, after the release of the film “Barbie”, for which Dua recorded the soundtrack.

Dua Lipa’s last spectacular public appearance was at the Golden Globe Awards, where she shone in a spectacular Schiaparelli outfit.