While other stars are signing up for facelifts, 56-year-old beauty Julia Roberts is getting daily rejuvenating treatments for free. For decades, fans have enjoyed her famous smile and glossy curls on film screens. But her unusual secret to youthfulness, which she shared with writer Richard Curtis in the February 2024 issue of British Vogue, is sure to surprise fans. She owes her youthful looks to genetics and “the love of a good man”. She explained that her late parents had “very good genes”. However, Curtis also clarified about cosmetic procedures.

“Vogue readers will want to know if you use any artificial methods to maintain your lustrous youth.”

Julia’s answer was traditionally humorous.

“Marinating. I put my head in a jar every other Saturday for 18 hours. It works wonders. The smell is awful.”

Eventually she gave in, saying there is no better facial remedy than a happy life.

“No, serious answer. Good genes, a satisfying life. I believe in the love of a good man.”

Roberts, who has been married to Daniel Moder for 21 years, says his support is crucial.

“I believe my husband loves me and takes care of me in a way that makes me feel very happy,” she said. – “And anytime you see someone happy, it doesn’t matter how old they are.”