Supermodel Claudia Schiffer is used to ruling the red carpet, but this time the highlight of the programme was her beloved cat. The London premiere of “Argylle” took place in Leicester Square, where the star arrived by car, bringing the pet in a special backpack-carrier. The cat gathered enthusiastic glances even before the red carpet: the whole team of the model could not stop, making endless photos in the dressing room.

After all the preparations, Schiffer came out to the audience and photographers in an elegant yellow dress, which perfectly matched the yellow backpack in which Chip was sitting. The yellow floor-length dress was chosen by the model for a reason: yellow is the main colour on the poster of the film, the trailer of which is already available for viewing online. While the beautiful Claudia posed for photographers, the cat could watch the action from his special window-illuminator.

Chip plays the lead role in director Matthew Vaughn’s new film, appearing on screen as Ellie Conway’s pet, played by actress Bryce Dallas Howard. According to the synopsis, “The plots of Ellie’s fictional books, featuring secret agent Argylle and his mission to uncover a global spy syndicate, begin to mirror the covert activities of a real-life spy organisation, and that’s when quiet home evenings come to an end.” Chip is already a big star, he has his own social media page and appeared on The Jonathan Ross Show last year. On the set of the programme, the model explained how Chip became an actor.

“We had one cat in the film, it wasn’t a very good actor. It was terrible. It was also very expensive. So, my husband Matthew asked if he could take my cat. I replied, “Why not.” And here we are.”