Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris, 37, decided to do a candid topless photo shoot for Playboy magazine. According to her, every woman is “beautiful just the way she is”. She also added that she would be surprised if her ancient noble family bought the magazine, but hopes “they can at least stand it.” At the very least, Xenia is sure her great-great-grandfather, the last king of Saxony, Frederick Augustus III, would “definitely approve” of the fresh photo shoot.

“He was described to me as very humorous and loving,” she explained in an interview with Playboy.

The racy photo shoot was another bold outing for the princess, who is also a singer and has an active social life. Xenia gave a candid interview to the magazine, admitting that she “struggles with prejudice” on a daily basis because of her title, but ultimately sees it as a “blessing” from which to make the most of. In 2011, the House of Wettin rejected her claim to the title after she announced her biography, Xenia: The Life of a Princess in the 21st Century.

“She is nothing. She cannot have a biography,” said Maria Emanuel, head of the dynasty, adding that the princess herself is “a terrible blunder and a misfortune for the 1,000-year-old House of Vettin”.

However, Xenia has been proven to be the great-granddaughter of the last King of Saxony, Frederick Augustus III. Her mother, Iris of Saxony, is the daughter of Prince of the House of Timo (1923-1983). Timo’s father, Xenia’s great-grandfather, was Prince Ernst Heinrich, husband of Archduchess Louise of Austria and son of Frederick Augustus III, the last King of Saxony. Friedrich voluntarily abdicated in 1918 after Germany’s defeat in World War I, after only 14 years on the throne.

Despite the criticism she received, the princess recognised her royal connection and made a name for herself in the world’s tabloids. She has appeared in dance competitions and in the German version of the show I’m a Celebrity! in 2021, as well as having a role in the German TV series B:REAL. But fame hasn’t always come easy to the princess, she claims her title has always prevented her from finding love.

“In fact, I’ve been single since I was born. After a while, all the lovers turned out to be bad guys,” she admitted in a 2010 interview.