On Wednesday, 7 February, 48-year-old TV presenter Drew Barrymore revealed that her two children, Olivia, 11, and Frankie, 9, remember her iconic films. Barrymore was asked how she was feeling ahead of the 20th anniversary of the film 50 First Kisses, in which she starred alongside long-time friend Adam Sandler.

“I’ve just re-watched it for the first time since it came out, because who sits around watching their own films, right? However, my kids love watching them – they call it ‘mum’s films’,” she said, laughing. – “It means so much to me when they watch them.”

Barrymore has four decades of film career under her belt. She recently cried while re-watching another of her films with Sandler, The Wedding Singer.

“I love you so much! “‘The Wedding Singer’ came on TV as I was about to leave the house and I had to savour that moment and watch it,” Barrymore captioned a social media post in January. – “We made such a good film, I love you so much, Happy New Year! What year did we meet in the newsroom? In 1922?” – joked the actress.

Today, the actress looks back and celebrates what she has done and where she is going. Barrymore states that this is the energy she puts into her new year and birthday celebrations on 22 February. She also said that she is trying to squeeze one more film with Sandler into her schedule before her next decade comes around.

“Because I’m not 50 yet, but this is my last year that I’m 40, so I needed to talk about it and it was important to me,” she said.

The star also added that she also wants to get Jennifer Aniston involved in any potential project.