Last Sunday in London one of the main film events of the year – the 77th BAFTA Awards ceremony – was held, which traditionally did not do without unexpected appearances on stage and funny mishaps in the hall.

Michael J Fox received a standing ovation

Back to the Future actor Michael J. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease, does not often appear at social events, giving almost all his free time to charity work and educating the public about his illness. That’s why his rare appearance in public became a real event. Michael arrived on stage in a wheelchair and stood at the podium with the help of assistants to present the award in the category “Best Film” to Christopher Nolan’s hit “Oppenheimer”. After the 80s film hero gave his acceptance speech, those in attendance rose and broke into applause.

The 62-year-old Jay Fox, who was diagnosed in 1991 when he was only 29, only made the disease public in 1998. In 2023 he released a moving documentary on Apple TV+ called Still: A Michael J Fox Story, which was another reason for his appearance at the BAFTAs.

Sophie Ellis-Bextor performed at the film awards for the first time in years

The singer performed her biggest hit “Murder On The Dancefloor”, which became the soundtrack to Emiral Fennell’s acclaimed film “Saltburn” and thanks to the provocative film got a second wind. It is under this track in the finale performs its dance naked main character of the film, played by a young actor Barry Keoghan, who is gaining popularity. On stage, the artist appeared in a spectacular lush dress of black and peach colours with a mesh skirt and corset top.

“I was lucky enough to meet all the cast of ‘Saltburn’ back in November in Los Angeles at the premiere, so it was great to see them again because I think what they’ve achieved with this film is just wonderful,” she shared with reporters afterwards.

The “Oppenheimer” actors took the stage more often than others

You bet, Christopher Nolan’s new film was the absolute triumphant of the ceremony. The picture took awards in several nominations out of 13 announced: “Best Film of the Year”, “Best Actor” (Cillian Murphy), “Best Supporting Actor” (Robert Downey Jr.) and “Best Director” (Nolan). And so the cast of “Oppenheimer,” who were in full attendance at the BAFTAs, were also in the spotlight.

Emma Stone bumped into a cameraman while receiving her award

Jumping up from her seat when her name was announced, the actress inadvertently bumped into a cameraman filming celebrities at the tables. This funny moment was also caught on camera and went viral on the internet. Emma, as we said, won best actress for her role as Bella Baxter in the steampunk film “Poor Unfortunate.” From the stage, the star warmly thanked everyone involved, including her mum Krista, who Stone said “always believed in her dreams”.