The 21-year-old daughter of British supermodel Kate Moss Lila is often called by the now popular term “nepo baby”, which does not prevent, but only helps her to conquer the fashion industry rapidly. In April last year Leela starred for the cover of Korean Vogue, in November and February she and her mother graced different covers of the British version, and now the girl is the heroine of the new issue of the Spanish edition. In the title image and other shots of the photo set, the model appeared in unusual, almost cosmic images, making her as unrecognisable as possible.

The shoot was accompanied by an extensive interview, in which Lila told more about her decision to follow in her mother’s footsteps despite Kate’s reluctance.

“When I was younger, I didn’t think about it because my mother refused to let me go into the industry. I think she didn’t want me to do it without first making sure people she knew and trusted would look after me and make sure I was okay,” the girl admitted. – “When she started her own agency in 2016, she relaxed because she realised she could control everything. So, I thought, ‘Now it makes sense’.”

Lila noted that she feels much more in charge than her famous mother did when she was younger.

“It’s not that I feel too mature for my age, but I’m extremely shy. I don’t have much self-confidence when it comes to meeting new people and socialising with those who are older. I get quite withdrawn and reserved, but yes, I am probably more responsible than my mum at the same age.”

Lila explained:

“I grew up seeing how demanding the profession is and how much you have to travel alone. The people my mum worked with became her family because they were the ones she saw most often. I watched how much they bonded.”

Lila Moss is the only daughter of Kate Moss from her relationship with famous journalist and publisher Jefferson Hack.