Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke, 37, along with her mother Jennifer, are co-founders of the brain injury recovery charity they set up after Emilia suffered brain haemorrhages in 2011 and 2013. The Duke of Wales presented them with the Order of the British Empire for their important charity work.

Emilia’s first haemorrhage occurred when she was at the gym while filming Game of Thrones. The actress started her charity work after being discharged from hospital when she realised that people like her needed special support.

The actress admitted she couldn’t stay at home after being discharged for fear of a relapse and returned to hospital.

‘I was fine, but I was so scared to suddenly be at home. It’s a fear you have forever,” the star said.

After the ceremony, Emilia said Prince William created an amazing atmosphere at the awards.

‘I think I underestimated the magical nature of being here and the whole ceremony. His Royal Highness William was just delightful and made us feel as comfortable as possible.’

The actress’ mother revealed that William was very well informed about their charity work.

Prince William certainly enjoyed meeting the actress in person, as both he and Princess Kate are big fans of Game of Thrones.