Film star Jennifer Aniston has always delighted fans with her elegant style, and now it seems her secret has been revealed. The actress has shown footage from her luxurious Los Angeles mansion, where a huge walk-in wardrobe, the size of most normal studio flats, can be spotted in the video. The clip was apparently filmed as Aniston was preparing for her social event, the People’s Choice Awards, which took place earlier this week. During the ceremony, she presented an award to her longtime friend, actor Adam Sandler.

The images show Jennifer standing with a team of stylists in her dressing room, which is the size of a small clothing boutique: the racks form several rows, and the clothes are neatly hung and arranged by colour and style. The corridor in the dressing room is large enough to accommodate a team of at least five assistants, with room to spare. The aisle between the racks also managed to accommodate lighting fixtures, a Hollywood-style make-up table with a mirror equipped with light bulbs, a comfortable chair and a shoe storage system.

Aniston probably uses not only the services of stylists to get ready for the event, but also organises a whole workspace for them, which resembles the equipment for filming advertising. The luxurious dressing room is just part of the Bel-Air mansion where she lives with her three dogs. Aniston has owned the home with the stunning view since 2011. The star only occasionally shows off her living space, so fans were excited to get an inside look at her private dressing room and catch the star as she prepares for a gala event.

The People’s Choice Awards took place on 18 February 2024 in Santa Monica, California. The awards ceremony was broadcast live on several channels simultaneously. Aniston herself also received an award for her acting work in The Morning Show, which was presented to her by fellow showrunner Jon Hamm.