27-year-old catwalk star Bella Hadid is entering the cosmetics market with Orebella products. The wellness brand will be available to shoppers on 2 May, as revealed in a promotional teaser where Bella announces the launch with a caption:

“Ôrəbella by Bella Hair Hadid. Reveal your alchemy 5/02.”

To get on the list of the first female buyers and receive an exclusive gift, you have to register via a special link. In the video, filmed in close-up, Bella shows only her eyes, and a series of cosmetic products is depicted in a design on a beauty theme.

If you follow the link, you can see that the products consist of scented lotions and oils for the body and face, as well as hair care products, candles, fragrances, incense and diffusers with aromatic oils.

Earlier this month, Hadid posted an intriguing series of photos at Ulta Beauty’s headquarters, and the captionless shots have left many fans wondering what kind of surprise the star is preparing.

In addition to her upcoming cosmetics line, Hadid is already co-owner of Kin Euphorics, a soft drink brand.