Pamela Anderson, 56, has long been promoting a healthy attitude towards aging and female appearance. The other day she showed off her natural face and perfect figure on the pages of a fashion brandbook. She posed confidently in a series of revealing outfits: in a transparent long-sleeved bodysuit combined with white shoes and accessories from Pandora. Anderson showed off an elegant look as well, wearing a long-sleeved black Balenciaga dress. She has previously modelled for luxury brands such as Prada and Khaite.

The former Playboy model reflected on her bold appearance without make-up at Paris Fashion Week in October 2023 in an interview. Anderson explained that several people asked her if she felt vulnerable after she publicly stated that she wasn’t going to compete with glamour looks.

“I think I was doing it for me. Would I be able to leave the house looking like this? Like, there’s nothing wrong with me, it’s just who I am,” she said. – “And I just didn’t want to go into all that glamour and play the game.”

She noted that such an act is akin to a mission for her.

“I just want to flip the script. I want to challenge beauty!”

Pamela added that her sons and managers insisted she needed a make-up team.

“I said: “No, what are you talking about? The fact that you guys are telling me this makes me not want to do it even more! I’m going to show a fresh face without make-up and I don’t want to fake it. And I just felt free. And no one looked at me and said: ‘Ahhhh!’.”

Since then, Anderson has enjoyed the freedom and doesn’t spend long hours preparing her looks for a social outing.

“It’s like spending half your life in the make-up chair. I have a lot of great friends who work as make-up artists, hairdressers and stylists and they’re all involved in making beautiful magazines and films, but every day you lose yourself,” the star concluded.