On Thursday, 14 March, Prince William attended the 25th Legacy Awards in memory of his mother Princess Diana. The Diana Legacy Awards were held at the Science Museum in London, and William took to the stage to honour his mother’s memory and at the same time reveal an interesting fact about his eldest son George.

The winners were 20 people from around the world who have made significant contributions to promoting the virtues of courage, compassion and determination for which Lady Di herself was so famous. During the awards, each contestant was given the opportunity to choose their favourite song to take to the stage. Prince William chose the iconic song “Thunderstruck” by rock band AC/DC, saying it was “George’s song”.

This moment gave the ceremony an even more personal touch and shed light on the musical preferences of the royal family members, especially the 10-year-old eldest heir of Wales. Prince William’s participation in the event basically went beyond mere formality. He took the moment to express his deep admiration for his mother and recognise the lasting impact of her philanthropic endeavours on society today. “Courage, compassion and determination” were precisely the qualities of Diana that he particularly highlighted.

In addition, the ceremony proved once again that fans should not expect a truce between Prince William and Harry. Despite their common desire to honour their mother’s memory, they appeared at the award ceremony a few hours apart: William made a speech in person, while Harry came to the audience via video link from California.