Model Julia Fox, 34, is known for her daring outfits. However, in a new TV show called OMG Fashun, she shows off some truly wild outfits. They were created by contestants in a fashion competition who were tasked with turning unwanted items, old furniture and other accessories into fashion items.

“You design for your best muse, Julia Fox,” explained show host Law Roach in a teaser. – “What’s rubbish to one is treasure to another, like Julia Fox.”

In each episode, three talented designers are asked to create an outfit for an epathetic model using unconventional techniques and materials.

“Participating in this show is exactly what I do in my everyday life,” Julia, who is known for her daring style, says in the teaser.

In the video announcing the series of episodes of the TV show, the star confidently shows off a range of styles, from a pink bustier adorned with plastic doll heads to a retractable box on her head that acts as a hat.

The themes of the competition focus on Julia’s dual identity as a saintly mother and a naughty sinner, and encourage the use of materials sourced ‘from Mother Earth’. Winners will be awarded a cash prize and the honour of showcasing their creation on Fox itself.

Last month, Julia announced the new show, revealing that it is shaping the future of fashion by emphasising sustainability, recycling and creative craftsmanship to restore the integrity of the art form.

“You don’t need to spend a lot of money to be the most stylish person in the room; all it takes is creativity and a bit of confidence,” she concluded.