Oscar winner Nicole Kidman opted for $2,000 Dolce & Gabbana lingerie for a hot photo shoot for a seductive shot while lying on a mirror. In another photo, she references the film Basic Instinct, posing in a $7,500 Loewe draped dress for photographer Mario Sorrenti. In an interview with ELLE, Nicole revealed that she is very happy now and is happy with the relationships with the people around her.

“I have a very full life with the people I love,” she reported. – “I’m raising my daughters. I’m a wife, I’m a best friend. I’m a sister, I’m an aunt. I have deeply intimate relationships with people. And that to me is the meaning of life – and then caring about what we leave behind, how we do it, and our sense of respect for it.”

Nicole’s fresh project is the TV series Expats, in which she plays a woman whose son goes missing in a Hong Kong night market. The actress shared some details about working on the role.

“I’m lucky to have a job that allows me to explore emotional landscapes – heavy, strange, extraordinary, bizarre, beautiful and profound,” she said. – “I don’t shy away from them, partly because I’m keen to explore life, what it means to be alive and to feel.”

However, there are some aspects of celebrity life that are hard for the actress, such as social events with lavish outfits.

“Sometimes it feels a bit unrealistic. I want to go, take off my dress and put on a jumper. It’s sort of the opposite of Cinderella: I’m happy to go home and just get back to myself. It does feel a bit overwhelming. It makes me want to say, “I’ve got to go home. I’m really tired. I want to get warm, I want to curl up, I want to feel real.”

Nicole now lives in Tennessee with her husband Keith Urban and two teenage daughters, Sunday and Faith. She enjoys family life, occasionally taking part in children’s charities and community projects.

“I love being a part of something that doesn’t involve my job. Just being a citizen who lives in the world. And my kids like it when I do that too,” Kidman concluded.