Priyanka Chopra, 41, celebrated the traditional Indian festival of Holi colours at A Roman Holi gala organised by Bulgari jewellery house, whose ambassadors the actress and model has been for a number of years. The gala dinner, which brought together celebrities, was held in Mumbai.

At the event, Priyanka shone in luxurious Bulgari jewellery made of precious stones. What stood out was the spectacular multi-coloured necklace that flattered the coffee hue of her eyes. Chopra wore a soft pink evening gown, referring to the traditional Indian women’s outfit lehenga choli.

On holiday in her native India (Priyanka was born in Jamshedpur), the actress came not alone, but the whole family of three – along with her husband Nick Jonas and two-year-old daughter Malti Marie. The other day, the star family visited a Hindu temple and went on a tour.