From 28 to 30 March, an exhibition and auction of Marilyn Monroe and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner’s belongings will take place in Los Angeles.

The auction dedicated to Marilyn Monroe will feature a huge number of items, from the late diva’s lipstick for $9,000 to a burial site next to the star’s grave for $500,000. Sixty-two years after her death, the incredible interest in the actress’ personal items shows that Marilyn Monroe remains as much of an idol as she was when she was alive. For example, the black dress Marilyn wore on the set of the 1955 film Itchy Seventh in 1955 is predicted to fetch $200,000, according to experts.

“Marilyn is still relevant today,” says Martin Nolan, co-founder of Julien’s Auctions, of the film star’s enduring fame. – “She died under tragic circumstances and never became an older woman, so this flamboyant blonde is still alive in our thoughts.”

Historian and collector of Marilyn Monroe memorabilia Scott Fortner noted the actress’ uniqueness and her importance in popular culture.

“Marilyn still has this amazing energy and magnetism. She achieved such a status in pop culture that it seems almost unreal, so it’s nice to see things like clothing and cosmetics that remind us that she was a real person.”

The auction items show just how petite a figure Marilyn possessed in real life. A bright pink dress of the actress from the Pucci brand is on display. Its bid starts at $10,000, but the final cost is estimated to be between $40,000 and $60,000. This dress is a copy of the green outfit in which the diva was buried.

In addition to clothing, the auction will also feature cosmetic items. Boxes with false eyelashes Marilyn estimated at 2-3 thousand dollars, and orange lipstick Elizabeth Arden with a pink shade will go under the hammer for 7-9 thousand dollars. Receipts and photographs are also offered for purchase, even the most ordinary ones, but they are also predicted to fetch relatively large sums.