Matt Damon and Chris Hemsworth have very busy work schedules – shoots, events, interviews. But friends always find an opportunity to spend time together. This time the actors decided to get tattoos, for which they went to the salon known in Los Angeles tattoo artist Corina Wakel. Later she posted photos of the process on her blog.

In the shots Corina is tattooing Matt Damon, and Chris calms him down and holds his hand. The work is closely watched by the actors’ spouses – Elsa Pataky and Luciana Barosso. In another photo – Chris shows off a new tattoo on his left arm. These are abstract lines with which Hemsworth decorated the outer side of the forearm. According to Wakel, the actors came to her a fortnight ago. The master signed the pictures as follows:

“Preparing for the Oscars with Chris, Matt, Elsa and Luciana. I love my job. Thank you for being so wonderful.”

Looking at Chris and Matt, Elsa Pataky also decided to get a new tattoo. She inked a crescent moon and stars design on the back of her palm.

Damon and Hemsworth have been friends for years. Matt often flies to his friend in Australia to spend time at his mansion in Byron Bay. The actors’ wives and their children also get along great. In an interview with “GQ” in 2014, Chris said that he began to communicate with Matt even before he became famous.

“I was just taking my first steps in my career at the time and enjoyed watching Matt’s behaviour on camera. He’s a regular guy who became a real film star,” Hemsworth said.

And his wife Elsa Pataky, in an interview with People magazine, talked about how much she enjoys interacting with Matt’s wife Luciana.

“I’m from Spain, she’s from Argentina, so we enjoy chatting in Spanish. It’s very comfortable and nice,” she remarked.

By the way, in 2017, Elsa and Luciana even got matching paired tattoos on their little fingers in honour of their friendship.