Oscar winner Natalie Portman, 42, showed off her signature style by starring in a new Dior photo shoot for the exclusive Book Tote Club edition. The photoshoot took place at the Biblioth̬que Nationale de France РSalle Labrouste.

Natalie, who has been an ambassador for the French company since 2011, looked elegant in dark high-waisted jeans. She wore a simple white shirt and completed the look with a grey cardigan, which she left unbuttoned. Portman completed the atufit by wearing black Slingback shoes. Her dark curls were loose on the side and light waves fell over her shoulders. For the photo shoot, Natalie chose a large Dior book bag from Maria Grazia Chiuri’s new spring/summer 2024 collection. The caption to the joint post, which was published on Portman and Dior’s official social media pages, read:

“As we close the last chapter of the Dior Book Tote Club, enjoy a literary journey with Dior ambassador Natalie Portman. In her bag you’ll find the inspiring book Hope in the Dark: Unspeakable Stories, Wild Possibilities by Rebecca Solnit and the compelling book On Photography by Susan Sontag.”

Natalie also showed fans some of her favourite books that were in the library, posting a short video on her social media accounts.

“Welcome to my Dior Book Tote Club. I’m so excited to show you this beautiful Labrouste Room and some of my favourite books,” the star said.

With a luxurious Dior bag in hand, Portman walked through the library and picked out a book called “Todd Haynes Exhibition Catalogue.”

“He’s one of my favourite directors, and I was recently lucky enough to work with him,” Portman commented, referring to the film May December.

Natalie also noted the importance of literature in her life.

“Libraries in general are so important to me because the fact that you have wide access to everything is just a great concept in life,” she said. – “So it’s a great way to experience books.”

On picking up Rebecca Solnit’s “Hope in a Dark,” Portman pronounced:

“Hope simply means that another world might be possible. It’s not promised, it’s not guaranteed. Hope calls for action. Action is impossible without hope”.

The actress also runs her own book club where she and her fans read a selected book every month. The club’s account now has 145,000 people signed up.