Salma Hayek showed fans the other day how she peacefully meditates at home. It’s no secret to her devoted fans that Salma is in excellent shape thanks to these practices, but she surprised subscribers when she posted a video with her adorable pet – an owl named Kering. The star sat cross-legged on the floor with the animal perched on top of her head. Hayek was dressed in grey athletic trousers, as well as a shirt featuring singer Janis Joplin. Her dark curls were parted with a parting in the middle and gathered into a simple low ponytail. Hayek added a glowing effect to her video, making the image a bit magical with the sound of soothing instrumental music. In the caption to the post, Salma wrote to her 28 million-strong audience that she loves this kind of meditation with her pet.

“I love to meditate with owl on my head,” the actress commented, and also translated the message into Spanish.

The pet has a very touching history of appearance in the star’s home. In 2019, Hayek rescued a southern white-faced owl and gave the bird to her husband Fran├žois-Henri Pinault. During an interview with People magazine in 2021, she said of Kering.

“I gave it to my husband for Valentine’s Day and I named it Kering because that’s the name of his company and their symbol is an owl. And he was like, ‘Well, thank you, of course, but I know it’s your own gift to yourself,'” Salma recalled.

Hayek explained that she has a close bond with the owl.

“When my husband isn’t home, she sleeps with me in my room. We have a certain ritual before we go to bed. I watch TV on my tablet and he likes to stand on it.”

The star then revealed one of Kering’s unique qualities.

“Although owls don’t drink liquids because they take moisture from their prey, she likes a good wine,” Salma joked, adding that the animal often spends time on her head, shoulder and arms.