Zendaya is actively promoting Luca Guadagnino’s new film “Challengers”, where she played the lead role. Secular premieres of the tape are held around the world, and day by day the actress is in different parts of it. So, the other day she attended a pre-show in Milan, Italy, where she traditionally appeared in the image of tennis aesthetics, corresponding to the concept and plot of the new sports drama.

Zendaya’s star stylist Law Roach found a unique outfit for his client (and the artiste, who has model parameters, could afford it) – a vintage snow-white Ralph Lauren tennis dress with a lapel collar and bell skirt from the 1991 collection. Despite its simple cut, the dress fits exactly to the figure and was first tried on by supermodel Cindy Crawford.

Zendaya complemented the archival dress with snow-white high stiletto pumps and silver jewellery. For the promotional campaign of the film, the main star dyed her hair golden blond, effectively shading her brown eyes and swarthy skin.

At the London premiere last week, Zendaya also appeared in a white coloured look – a gorgeous sequin-embroidered evening dress with a daring thigh-high slit.