Last year, TV presenter Jonathan Scott proposed to his girlfriend Zooey Deschanel. The lovers decided to spend the special day in Glasgow, Scotland. Scott revealed that he planned the surprise himself and made sure Deschanel’s children were by their side at that moment. Zooey has two children with ex-husband Jacob Pechenik: 8-year-old Elsie and 6-year-old Charlie.

“I was a sobbing stretch, the wedding is going to be a disaster,” Jonathan joked, referring to the fact that he was overly emotional at the time of the proposal.

He revealed he proposed right at Edinburgh Castle.

“We were on a family trip with the kids and I had planned everything in advance, including the tour and everything else. When we were the last visitors left on the grounds at Edinburgh Castle, I had everything set up and the kids said, “Oh, there’s an orchestra playing. Mum, do you want to go and listen?”. We went up on this beautiful cliff overlooking the town, and suddenly our favourite Neil Young song, “Harvest moon” starts playing”.

Scott admitted that his girlfriend didn’t expect such a surprise and let her feelings come out.

“She cried and said: “Yes.” It’s just a lot of sobbing. The wedding ceremony will be a failure because we won’t be able to move,” Scott said.

The couple previously reported that they are taking their wedding preparations slow, but Deschanel is confident they will throw a raucous party with dancing until the morning.