The Met Gala, the annual Costume Institute exhibition where stars traditionally show off phantasmagorical outfits, will be held at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art on 6 May.

This year’s theme is Garden of Time, so floral and animalistic motifs are expected to dominate the outfits of the invited celebrities. Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Hemsworth will meet the star guests, and the audience will be eagerly awaiting theĀ  appearance of the brightest of them. The permanent guest of the ball is Rihanna, who time after time gets into the ratings of the most stylishly dressed celebrities at the Met Gala. Of course, her outings are discussed especially widely.

However, contrary to expectations, this year the pop diva is not going to stand out from the rest of her colleagues, as she said at the recent charity banquet of her brand Fenty Beauty.

“This year I’m going to come as a statistic. I’m just coming for dinner,” she said.

According to the star, she is going for an “understated” look.

“Really, relax. I know, you think I’m lying…”

Trend-setting Rihanna has dramatically and candidly explained her refusal to wear extravagant outfits:

“I’m a mum. I don’t have time for any of that stuff.”

Lately the singer, who gave birth to two sons from her beloved rapper and avid fashionista A$AP Rocky, has been talking more and more often about the importance of motherhood and taking care of children. At the same time, the artist and fashion-icon successfully manages to combine family matters with a giant beauty business.

Fans have been waiting for Rihanna’s return to the music industry for years, but while she is busy raising her sons and maintaining her Fenty empire, this event, apparently, is not expected.