David Beckham has admitted to a presenter that he and his wife are beyond “emotional” after watching Netflix’s recently released four-part documentary ‘Beckham’ about his life and career. As their silver wedding anniversary with Victoria approaches in July, David says they are still happy together despite all the “ups and downs” they’ve been through.

“After watching the documentary, at the end of the final episode, when we finally watched it, we looked at each other and we synchronistically thought, ‘I don’t know how we’ve survived these last 27 years together, but we’ve made it through and we have an amazing family, an amazing business, we’re happy,'” the athlete shared. – And yes, of course when you spend that much time with someone, you have your ups and downs, everyone knows that. At the end of the day, we were lucky because we were there for each other in those moments. You know, she was in Spice Girl and I was playing for Manchester United and even when we had tough times we supported each other and that’s the best thing.”

David noted that he and Victoria were very young when they got married and had a family.

“We were 21 and 22 when we met. And we got married when we were 23 and 24, which is also when our first son Brooklyn was born. It also added another layer to our family and our responsibilities centred around raising a child.”

The star ex-footballer admitted that he is really happy now, including not only because of his family, but also because of his successful career.

“I’m very happy, happy because I’ve had such a dizzying career, I’ve played for some outstanding teams. But the one thing I always wanted for myself was to meet someone like Victoria. When I met her, I immediately wanted kids. And I’ve always wanted to share my career with kids, I’ve been fortunate that all three boys have had time to play for most of the teams I’ve played for myself, and that’s been really important to me.”