Meryl Streep returned to Cannes 35 years after her first visit to the famous festival. This year, the film festival is held for the 77th time, and the opening was attended by such stars as Eva Green, Anya Taylor-Joy, Jane Fonda and others. Among them shone and three-time Oscar winner Streep, who received the most prestigious award – “Palme d’Or”, which is awarded for outstanding services in cinema.

The 74-year-old actress accepted the prize from the hands of French colleague Juliette Binoche. From the stage, Meryl made a touching speech, remembering how in 1989 brought to the film festival picture Fred Schepisi “Evil Angels”, and admitted that then she considered her career complete.

“I already had three children, I was about to turn 40, and I thought I was done with my career,” she said. – “At the time, that was normal for actresses. And the only reason I’m here tonight and all of this is going on is because of the very talented artists I’ve worked with… I’m so thankful you didn’t get bored of my face and get off the train. My mum, who is usually right about everything, said to me, ‘Meryl, darling, you’ll see. Everything happens so fast. So fast.” And so it was, and so it is. Except for my speech, which turned out to be too long.”

For the sake of the rare outing, Meryl dressed in white. She chose a flying couture dress by Dior, which she accompanied with a tone-on-tone Bella Rosa clutch and Fred Leighton jewellery.