On Sunday, 26 May, famous singer, songwriter and actor Lenny Kravitz turned 60. He threw a lavish anniversary party at the Hôtel de Crillon hotel in Paris – the same day his long-awaited new album “Blue Electric Light” was released. Lenny’s ex-wife Lisa Bonet was seen arriving at the hotel on Friday with their daughter Zoe Kravitz. Other attendees included longtime friends of the singer, such as his guitarist Craig Ross. Salma Hayek and her husband François-Henri Pinault, Naomi Campbell and Chris Rock were also in attendance. Hayek shared a video on social media showing Lenny standing on a chair and giving a touching speech into a microphone, with the star-studded audience applauding the jubilee.

“Lenny, you spent so long celebrating your birthday with all your friends, I couldn’t wait any longer for the cake! Happy birthday, my brother,” Salma wrote in a blog post under a video of her eating a cake while Kravitz gives a speech.

In a new interview for CBS Mornings, Lenny shared that in his 60s, he feels like he’s in the best shape he’s ever been in. The singer has been wowing fans with his spectacular workouts on social media, where he shows off his perfect abs.

“I don’t take age into consideration at all,” he explained. – “I don’t understand the concept. You can be 30 years old and be smashed total. And you can be 90 years old and still be alert and energetic.”

Earlier, Lenny was asked if he was ready for his 60th birthday.

“Well, I don’t have a choice. Either I’m here or I’m not,” the artiste replied. – “As much as it sounds like it, I’ve never felt more young than I do now. While I was in the Bahamas during the lockdown, I recorded about four albums. “Blue Electric Light” is the one I felt like it should be the first one. I feel like this is the beginning of a wave for me to sail on. Being in nature, being alone and quiet really opened up a portal for me,” Kravitz concluded.