Fashion designer Vera Wang has shared a series of poolside photos on social media, where her trim, slim figure is clearly visible. Now the star is 74 years old, but these figures do not fit her appearance at all, her fans are sure. In the photos, the bridal designer wore a white one-piece swimming costume, dangling pendant earrings, black sunglasses and Miu Miu flip-flops covered in crystals. Faith was probably celebrating the start of the warm season and rejoicing in the sunny weather.

“Happy summer, forever slim with Slim Aarons,” the fashion icon signed the post, referring to the legendary American photographer known for his poolside shots in the 1970s.

Followers in the comments could not believe their eyes, because next month, on 27 June, Wong will turn 75 years old.

“How is it possible that you look like that? I need to stop eating pizza immediately,” a fan commented.

“Teach me how to look the same,” another fan wrote.

“Time conquers you and stops going”, – another subscriber noted.

“Eternal youth. You must have Benjamin Button syndrome, I mean the good side,” another added.

A feature of Vera’s style is her signature sleek black hair, which helps her look young. She recently confessed why she is actively fighting grey hair. On the May 22 edition of the Wiser Than Me podcast with Julia Dreyfuss, the designer revealed that her grey hair appears unevenly.

“I would look like a horrible skunk,” she said.

Wong exercises and recently mastered 45kg squats, but her diet is not strict.

“I eat fast food, absolutely,” the designer said in October 2023.

Wong also confessed that she adores doughnuts, especially those with a creamy filling and sugar glaze. Among the star’s secrets to youthfulness are work, sleep and limited sun exposure – she shared in a 2020 interview.