Last Saturday, June 1, Justin Timberlake played another concert of his ‘The Forget Tomorrow’ world tour in Austin, Texas, but something went wrong in the audience during the show. As Justin performed his 2002 hit ‘Cry Me A River,’ the crowd near the stage was in a crush, and apparently one of the female fans felt sick. The singer signalled to the security guards and interrupted the performance.

“Excuse me, guys, one second, one second. I need help, right here, about five rows away,” he said from the stage.

After waiting for the commotion to subside, Timberlake asked the woman:

“Are you all right? Oh, I see, no problem.”

The artist gave a thumbs up and continued the concert to a standing ovation. One of the eyewitnesses present at the show was a couple of metres away from the victim and later gave details to journalists.

“She’s fine. Luckily, there were doctors nearby to help her,” he shared, but did not specify what kind of medical attention the audience member needed.

Justin Timberlake’s tour started on 29 April and will last until the end of July. The musician has already travelled around his native States and is heading to Europe, where he will perform in Germany, Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and France.