5 June marked the 80th anniversary of the Allied landings in occupied Normandy. To mark the occasion, the monarch family honoured the victims in Portsmouth.

Charles III called on Britons to honour the memory of the war heroes in Portsmouth. The King appeared at his first public appearance since being diagnosed with cancer. The monarch joined the Prince of Wales, leading British politicians and veterans at a major event in Portsmouth to mark the 80th anniversary of the landings.

“The stories of courage, resilience and solidarity we have heard today and throughout our lives cannot fail to move us. They inspire us and remind us of what we owe to this great wartime generation,’ the King said from the podium.

When the monarch took to the stage accompanied by Queen Camilla, the crowd gave them a standing ovation. At a commemoration in Portsmouth organised by Helen Mirren, William read out a passage from the diary of Captain Alastair Bannerman, a soldier who took part in the historic Allied landings,

‘We will always remember those who served,’ the king’s eldest son said from the podium.

Charles III also called for remembering history for the sake of a brighter future for generations to come.

“It is our duty to make sure that we and future generations do not forget the service of heroes and their sacrifices on the road from tyranny to freedom.

It remains our solemn duty to continue to honour the outstanding bravery, service and sacrifice of the men who took part in this dangerous mission,’ the King concluded.