Robbie Williams was the star of the Soccer Aid football match on Sunday: the artiste organises the annual match in support of UNICEF and takes to the pitch to greet the crowd and spread the word about his charitable mission. This time Robbie was supported by his family – the singer’s wife Ida and their children attended the match. Robbie was dressed in a blue suit and wore his trademark black-rimmed glasses as he waved from the pitch to his wife and children, who cheered him on from the stands. Ida, along with 11-year-old Teddy and 5-year-old Coco, looked stylish in matching green baseball jackets. In addition to Coco and Teddy, the couple also have a 9-year-old son Charlie and one-year-old Beau.

While Robbie and Ida usually keep their children out of the limelight, Teddy made her first public appearance in 2018 as a bridesmaid at Princess Beatrice’s wedding. Williams’ daughter is known to have delighted those in attendance when she kept Princess Charlotte and Mia Tindall company, and charmed Sarah Ferguson by asking if she was the Queen. Teddy’s parents have gone to great lengths to protect their children’s privacy from prying eyes, which is why there are no photos of them online.

“We never show their faces, it’s really important to us. We are very proud of this decision, and while we would love to share absolutely every happy thing about our family, there is a law in this country that says we can’t share their photos unless we want them to then be in all the newspapers without our consent.”

Last year’s match, played between Old Trafford and Manchester United, was the most successful to date, raising a record £14.6 million for good causes. Robbie, who has played in four Soccer Aid matches himself, was one of England’s team managers during the World XI cup.