Victoria Beckham Beauty founder Victoria Beckham has unveiled a new perfume, San Ysidro Drive. Beckham made her perfume debut in October 2023 with three luxury fragrances from her eponymous cosmetics brand. Following their success, she launched a new summer promotional campaign for the popular San Ysidro Drive fragrance: in addition to the bright yellow bottle design, Beckham posted a racy shot of herself posing in an emerald green convertible.

“San Ysidro Drive brings luscious California days to life. A clever blend of bright floral notes with saffron adds spice and enhances the brightness of the rose, making it more distinctive. This sophisticated fragrance promises new adventures… Kisses,” Beckham captioned the post.

In the candid snapshot, Victoria poses in an elegant black mini-dress and sunglasses to match. She sits behind the wheel of a car with her leg thrown over the passenger seat, revealing a view of her black stiletto heels. The former Spice Girls member revealed earlier on Sunday, June 9, what inspired the fragrance, and its name is actually the Beckhams’ former address in Los Angeles.

“San Ysidro Drive is all about Los Angeles,” she revealed. – “It’s about loving yourself. About accepting who you are. The perfume is called that because that was our address, that’s where we lived in Los Angeles, and it evokes happy memories. Hiking with my kids in the canyons, surfing – that’s where I really started to focus on my career and also fashion. So for me, San Ysidro Drive holds a special place in my heart. It’s the smell of Los Angeles to me. The bottle is bright because it’s bright energy, it’s the smell of happiness.”

The Beckhams first moved to Los Angeles back in 2007, when David signed with American football team LA Galaxy.