Born in the free-thinking seventies, Molton Brown embodies non-conformist, creative freedom. The brand sees things differently, through an iconic lens on life to deliver unexpected and powerful sensorial moments. Molton Brown works hand-in-hand with visionary perfumers from diverse backgrounds and experiences to create an exquisite line of 27 unique scents.

From Master Perfumer, Jacques Chabert and his daughter, the acclaimed Senior Perfumer Carla Chabert, through to New Gen rising stars such as Jérôme Di Marino, these bold creators were unified by one founding vision; to deliver unexpected fragrances with a personal touch. An industry game changer, this provocative approach represents the new guard movement in British Perfumery. Their scents are created without a marketing brief, panel testing or demographic restrictions. Only the human link woven between the perfumer and wearer persists.

Molton Brown’s Eaux de Parfum line unveils fragrances at their most pure; blended with a more intense fragrance concentration and an additional perfumer-picked signature note to contrast, complement or enrich their corresponding Eau de Toilette. Designed as a lighter fragrance experience, Molton Brown’s Eau de Toilette collection includes beloved favourites and enduring icons from the brand’s portfolio that have been rediscovered through the Eaux de Parfum.

Featuring iconic packaging by renowned designer Vincent Villeger, the collections’ bold aesthetic is handmade by artisans in England with a contemporary take on the brand’s seventies heritage. The Eaux de Parfum are completed with exquisite spherical resin caps. For a harmonious partnership, the Eaux de Toilette flaunt glass falcons housed in Regent Stone cream boxes.