The new YSL Couture Colour Clutch is an two eye palettes inspired by a wardrobe of colours from  Paris and Marrakech, two  iconic  cities  anchored  in  YSL  Beauté’s  heritage. With ten saturated shades of metallic silvers, coppery bronzes, satiny roses, matte purple and opaque black, created by Tom Pecheux dressed up with a chevron pattern and a leather-effect finish.

The silver, copper shades and the yellow on the left of the palette glimmer boldly like the Eiffel Tower, sparkling silver or lighted yellow at night, and gleaming bright in the day with the iron structure. The variation of the four shades of pink, from a beige pink to a darker pink, on the right of the palette take its inspiration from the colour that we can see on the pierre de taille of Haussmann buildings during the ‘Golden Hour’ in Paris. The purple in the centre of the palette comes directly from Tom Pecheux’s very first Fall Look makeup collection, iconic  purple,  associated  with  an  unapologetically  intense black.

With two palettes to choose from, the interplay of highly pigmented textures from satin to shimmer, metallic to matte with glitters, brings unexpected harmonies and a never-ending combination of impactful looks.