Every day our skin comes into contact with stressors that can all lead to premature skin aging, UV exposure, pollution,  stress and  lack of sleep can all have negative impacts on our skin and cause dullness, dryness, dehydration and fine lines.

This lightweight multi-benefit serum is formulated to strengthen skin from within its deepest surface layers to help resist signs of aging, including those accelerated by internal and external stressors, while smoothing fine lines and boosting radiance. Formulated with Micronized 11kDa Hyaluronic Acid to strengthen skin, and exclusive Adaptogenic Herbal Complex, a blend of Anti-Fatigue Red Ginseng Root, Anti-Pollution Holy Basil & Anti-Stress Schisandra Berry to neutralize the effects of skin-aging stressors.

Kiehl’s lightweight super serum strengthens skin from within to help resist skin-aging stressors.


• Improves skin’s texture

• Improves skin’s radiance

• Reduces the appearance of fine lines


The smallest Hyaluronic Acid molecule is absorbed 60% deeper than standard Hyaluronic Acid, increasing moisture retention for improved skin resiliency, suppleness and youthful bounce.