Introducing for her Musc Noir, the new fragrance from Narciso Rodriguez, a tribute to the powerful mystique of a woman’s inner beauty and her innate sensuality. Inspired by the original for her, Musc Noir reinterprets and explores the deep mystery and eloquence of the iconic scent. 

Narciso Rodriguez’s for her fragrance collection was conceived over eighteen years ago to celebrate the power of femininity and to embrace the intriguing nature of female expression. The collection continues to be inspired by women; each scent created to empower and reveal women’s innermost beauty with the transformative power of musc. The introduction of the original for her contributed to a new chapter in the history of fragrance. The modern chypre musc, a unique facet in the family of chypre fragrances, led for her to become an international phenomenon and a modern classic. 

Narciso Rodriguez chose a rare musc oil to be at the heart of the original for her.  Musc is not only addictive, but also surprisingly feminine and enduring in its earthly, warm powers of seduction; it captures and celebrates a woman’s core femininity and self-expression like no other scent. The for her collection transforms musc’s bold, yet subtle qualities to create a uniquely timeless scent for the women who inspire it.

For the first time ever, the iconic bottle appears in its purest form. for her Musc Noir is presented in a completely translucent bottle, revealing the mystery within. Only a delicate pink juice, echoing the original for her, adorns the signature bottle while a black cap alludes to scent’s darker facets. The for her Musc Noir bottle is an object of pure artistry, radiating with a weightless intensity and a bold luminosity that celebrates the sublime fragrance within.