The long friendship of Harry Styles with Alessandro Michele, the house’s creative director, could not fail to result in a joint collection. Gucci has revealed a collaborative collection with Harry Styles called HA HA HA. It’s not a mockery of the customers, but an acronym of the first letters of Harry and Alessandro. Both use it in personal correspondence and they have been friends for many years. The 25-piece line was unveiled at one of Milan’s oldest vintage shops, Cavalli & Nastri. Everything will be on sale in October.

The core of the collection are colourful suits and waistcoats, shirts and coats in the bohemian 70s aesthetic. But definitely the cutie of the day is the blue sheep and cherry print, as well as the angry teddy bear pendants.

As Michele told us, he was inspired by tailoring and British fashion of the 1960s and 1970s when creating it. And it’s true, the clothes are indistinguishable from vintage, only, in a modern way. It looks agender – the suits and accessories will fit perfectly into both women’s and men’s wardrobes. The designer has titled the collection ‘Our Dream Wardrobe’ – Michele and Styles have been preparing it for several years.