Here you are a surprise from Sarah Jessica Parker! The actress has listed her favourite beach house on online property booking service Booking. From August 26 to 28, anyone can rent a cozy cottage right on the ocean for just $19.98 a night. In fact, it’s not a simple figure – it encodes the year Parker got her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the iconic Sex and the City.

Interestingly, the house itself looks suspiciously similar to the one we were shown back in the 2000s in an episode of season two.

The Parker cottage has two floors, light walls and lots of wood. The interior is dominated by girly shades of yellow, pink and blue, with prints such as stripes and floral designs in a variety of variations. There is a wardrobe too – Parker herself, like Carrie, is a fashion icon and a seasoned fashionista, so she needs her own dressing room. The house is surrounded by a green garden and also has a veranda for romantic seaside dinners. But the main advantage is the direct proximity to the ocean – the beach and lighthouse are literally a stone’s throw away.