We’ve been hearing more and more about the service “maderotherapy” lately, but not everyone knows what it is. We spoke to the experts at Elmax Salon & Spa and tell our readers what we learnt.

Maderotherapy is a holistic method of working with the body, combining manual lymphatic drainage with intensive massage using special anatomically shaped wooden tools.

Maderotherapy is a massage with wooden rollers. 100% natural therapy. Your body will become more attractive than ever before.

Maderotherapy is based on ancient Chinese massage techniques, which in the 90s Colombian specialists improved with the knowledge of modern cosmetology. Maderotherapy uses beech roly rolls that are adapted to the anatomy of the human body.

For face and body maderotherapy, 6 different types of rods are used. They allow the specialist to correct the patient’s figure, adding slimness, firmness and youthfulness. After all, as we know, a beautiful body is a healthy body.

Benefits of maderotherapy:

– Improves arterial and venous circulation. Regulates the circulation of lymph, cleanses the body of toxins;

– Stimulates the production of elastin, lipolase and collagen. Strengthens the skin and reduces wrinkles;

– Stimulates lipolysis, thereby reducing localised fat accumulation. Increases the breakdown of fat – fibrous cellulite is dissolved;

– Increases muscle tone and increases physical performance. Regulates the nervous system, relieves anxiety;

– Improves breathing, making it deep and relaxed. Relaxes and balances energy centres;

– Improves the appearance of the skin – eliminates dryness, tanning becomes even, smoothness appears;

Maderotherapy is such a natural method that it has quickly become a hit with women all over the world. Massage with wooden rollers does not cause discomfort and pain, is hypoallergenic and gives a feeling of pleasant warmth. The design of the rollers allows them to adapt to the anatomy of the body. The master “penetrates” even in hard-to-reach places: the inner side of the thighs, folds under the buttocks, creases in the neck area. The rollers are carefully aligned on the delicate areas of the hands, chest and face.

The main goal of maderotherapy is to help women achieve a healthy and beautiful figure. The combined process of correction allows for aesthetic effects to improve the appearance of the body as well as ensure proper body function. To achieve this effect, the specialist tailors the therapy to each individual. The combination of knowledge about the functioning of the lymphatic system, intensive instrumental treatment of the subcutaneous tissue as well as the development of the fascia gives the complex therapy a multifaceted character. Deep tissue work provides a sense of reduced muscle tension, allowing for relaxation, calm and stress relief.

The massage lasts 60-80 minutes, during this time all problem areas are worked on – thighs, buttocks, sides, abdomen and arms.

The time of working on each area is determined according to the client’s individual peculiarities: it is more important for someone to have a flat tummy, and someone wants to lift the buttocks. The first 3 massages can be a little painful, the skin and muscles have to get used to it a little. The process of massage has a certain algorithm, as each oklagia has its own task, individual and unique. Therefore, maderotherapy can only be performed by certified specialists, such as those at Elmax Salon & Spa, who have been trained and have experience in this area!