UAE’s street and activewear brand, The Giving Movement has released two new limited-edition collections, ‘The Crayon’ and ‘The Earth’ Collection. Both with sustainability as a core focus, consist of six colour-ways each, all available in modest, activewear and loungewear.

This Autumn / Winter, The Crayon Collection breaks away from traditionally dark seasonal tones, instead featuring six pop-colours, designed to disrupt the classic seasonal trends, will leave behind all rules and create a new, lively movement. From ultraviolet to sky blue, both the men and women will have an outfit that speaks positivity and encourages unity.

The Earth Collection gives back to mother nature, not only are the six colours inspired by the earth’s natural autumnal palette, but much alike The Crayon Collection, the loungewear is made of organic bamboo and activewear is made from polyester, entirely manufactured from recycled water bottles.

As the loungewear is made from organic bamboo, this too gives back to the environment on a large scale. Bamboo is a proven sustainable source that grows 91 cm per day and does not require as much water and space as any other raw material. Bamboo fabric is soft and comfortable, easy to maintain and does not lose the vibrancy of colour in each wash.

From design, production, to packaging, The Giving Movement stays green throughout each and every process. The Giving Movement green packaging is sustainable, produced from plant starch and is 100% reusable. If you want to make a change, start with The Giving Movement and make a positive impact with the clothing you purchase. Make the right choice and inspire others to share your journey.