Brunello Cucinelli collection is all about unique and distinctive elements, capable of lending a sophisticated and innovative flair to any look, always striking the perfect balance between casual elegance and new inspirations. Each category in the collection is designed to update style in a simple and skillful way, to best express the synthesis of heritage and continuous innovation.

Thorough research into materials and special techniques, the harmony of colours, enhanced lightness and fine blends of natural fibers embrace renewed proportions. Contemporary style is conveyed by the soft volumes of shirts, T-shirts, polos and, above all, of trousers, enriched by detailing borrowed from the world of tailoring or by pockets and seams with a sporty nature.

The colours of the collection evoke a summery air of peacefulness and relaxation, mostly created by the fine harmony between neutral tones. The wide array of warm beiges, greys and blues is dotted with fresh summer hues: cobalt, aqua, citron and magenta. Mostly present on the details, colours add refined and energetic touches, representing a bridge between classical canons and contemporary influences.

Lightness and comfort lend a sense of wellbeing and dynamism to the entire collection. Through careful research, the perfect fabric for each garment has been identified, highlighting and enhancing uniqueness. The precious and summery appearance of silk and linen fabrics, the balance between modernity and the timeless elegance of the new linen, wool and silk blends, the refined combination of Sea Island cotton and wool, and the fresh textures of twisted yarns – all the materials lend a lightweight, effortless yet sophisticated flair to suits and jackets.